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Battlegrounds can be one of the hardest things to get right in stormfall. You would think it would be as simple as sending troops to a battleground and seeing what rewards you get at the end, but unfortunately that just isn't the case. If you just send troops and hope for the best then you will probably either get nothing or rubbish returns. Hopefully this guide will be able to show you how to get the best battleground returns for the least units lost.
Since the mechanics of battlegrounds are quite complex, it is difficult to know where to being, so I will split this guide into sections, and begin with the basics.
The Basics - Defensive battlegrounds

Defensive battlegrounds are the easiest to do since you can find out exactly what troops are in them, simply send 1 unit (usually an archer) and you will get a full report. We will examine one below.
As you can see, I now know what units Balur is attacking with, and I can now decide what units I should be sending to this battleground. You can see that there is not much infantry attacking; occult and bestiary numbers are quite even and there is quite a bit of cavalry. So for this battleground, I need to send troops with good defence vs cavalry, followed with troops good vs bestiary and occult, and I need least defense vs infantry.
To save you some time I have put together a list of the best units to send vs each type, this takes into consideration gold and metal cost vs defence numbers. So you are always getting the best return for the resources you spend. The chart is shown on the next page.
Basically against each unit type, the one s at the top of the list are the best to send, so for this battleground I should be sending (Bear Riders, Archers, Dwarf, Nomads) top 4 vs cavalry with some (warden, ballista, golem, griffin) to soak up the occult/bestiary. Since there is very little infantry attacking, Archers should be fine, and there is no need to build or send Arbalesters as in this instance they would be a waste.

The Basics - Offensive battlegrounds

Offensive battlegrounds work differently to defensive battlegrounds, you can’t simply send in 1 unit and see what is defending; you have to send in a small force and then try and calculate it depending on what you kill. The following report should explain what I mean
tips 2
As you can see I sent in a small force above, you could send in 50 pikemen instead, but it has to be large enough to kill something, you want to be able to see the kill spread in the report. This report is a good example, it tells me that they have a high and even number of defence vs Occult and Bestiary but only a small number of defence vs Infantry and Cavalry. So when I attack this battleground I only want to attack it with Infantry and Cavalry. If I send in occult or bestiary to attack with they have a lot of defence against it and I’m going to suffer heavy losses.

Determining your battleground rewards

Now that you know how to do battlegrounds, you now need to know how to get the best rewards out of them. This is where it gets complicated. So I hope your sitting comfortably, this could take a while.
Battlegrounds work on a loss to rewards basis, the more units (resources) you lose the better the rewards you get out of them. And depending on what units you lose, this will determine what units you will get back for your reward. If you are looking to get a defence unit reward, then you want to lose units that cost a lot of GOLD. If you're looking to get a return of offensive troops then you want to lose units that cost a lot of IRON and not a lot of GOLD. Imagine that you have a pot split into 2 tubes, each time a unit dies the gold cost of the unit goes in one tub and the iron cost goes in the other, you want to keep filling up the gold tub to get more defence units out as your reward, or iron if its offensive troops that you are after.
Now you know how to determine your rewards you need to know how to maximise your rewards.

Maximising Rewards

Each level in the game has a RUNE battleground, this battleground will give you a skull rune as a reward and will severely eat up any troop rewards you would have gotten from all the troops you lost. You know what your RUNE battleground is because it’s the one you have to do to get to the next battleground level, shown under “to battle” in game.
tips 3
My RUNE battleground is currently either of these level 49 battlegrounds, if I complete either of these I will get a skull rune, and my troop payout will be A LOT lower.
So how do I maximise my rewards? Well here’s how. I want to get defence troop rewards, so what I need to do is keep sending defensive troops to my level 49 defensive Battleground until it is nearly complete and then STOP. Do NOT complete it, the units (resources) I lose will be banked towards my payout. On the next page is an example of a few waves of units hitting this level 49 battleground, as you can see there is a lot of infantry and cavalry attacking so my best units to send to this battleground is archer and nomads.
tips 4
tips 5
tips 6
Now, I want to get my rewards, so I need to look in my eagles nest and pick the next highest battleground from my RUNE battleground, in this case it is a level 44 battleground. Again I send in my waves.
tips 7
tips 8
tips 9
Now the game has given me no reward, so the units I lost roll over and my “bank of resources” go up, I now need to look for the next highest defensive battleground, in this case it is a level 44 defensive battleground again.
tips 10
tips 11
As you can see, I have now completed this and the game pays me my rewards. My bank is now reset and I need to start building my pot up again. This is a good time to complete my RUNE battleground and move onto level 50. The advantage of going to a higher battleground is you get a higher rewards percentage. For example, if I do a level 50 battleground, I get 50% of the resources I put into the game, if it was a level 80, I would get 80%, so the higher you go the higher your percentage rewards.
tips 11

The Best Rewards

You can go 1 step further to get even better rewards by not completing battlegrounds and letting the bank grow, bring your rune battleground down low, then keep lowering all the defensive battlegrounds and then hit your highest none rune battleground for your rewards. You can also hit the offensive ones but you will be putting more iron into your bank, but some gold too.

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